Mother Tongue: Mandarin Chinese
Translation Languages: English <-> Chinese
Swedish -> Chinese

My translating methods are based on good communications with customers, being clear with the usage of translated texts and finding the best type of translation to deliver concepts from the source language to readers.

Primary Area of work:
Business – Advertisement/marketing, company website, contract, technical documents
Education – research thesis/book
Literature – Children’s book, poem, travel book, novel
Culture – card games, computer games, film, lyrics, App

Major projects:
Alfdex AB (SE)
Marketing film translation from English to Chinese
Esteralla (BG)
Tarot cards’ App translation from English/Swedish to Chinese + 32000 words
Farfars Tänder
Translation from Swedish to Chinese
Onlinevoices (SE)
Company website translation from English/Swedish to Chinese -+15000 words
The local party (Linköping, Val2014)
Campaign materials translation from English/Swedish to Chinese

For job inquiries, please send email to

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